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Poet, journalist, and publisher, P. Aiden Hunt, created the Philly Poetry Chapbook Review (PCR) in 2023. He founded it as an online literary journal for book reviews, craft essays, author features, and publishing news focused on chapbooks.

We use the abbreviation “PCR” because we hope to expand into other genres in time.

Our Mission

We created the Philly Poetry Chapbook Review with the simple goal of bringing attention to good chapbooks, their publishers, and their authors. The chapbook form is vital to the poetic world, in particular, and we want to celebrate and share it.


Philly Poetry Chapbook Review is divided into two parts: the journal side and the blog side. Neither side is better and contributors receive the same honorarium. Both are online-only for accessibility. We consider all contributions as published by PCR.

  • We add new content to the journal side weekly, every Tuesday, and Thursdays, when we have more. It publishes long form prose including book essays (reviews of a single or of several linked books), essays on the crafts of poetry and chapbooks, and interview-based profiles of chapbook authors with discussions of their work.
  • We update the blog side often, but sporadically. When a piece is ready, we’ll publish it the next weekday morning. It publishes shorter book reviews, daily updates to the A Yeats Poem a Day Keeps the project, updates about what’s happening with editor and contributors in Aiden’s Corner, and features about chapbook publishers and upcoming releases in Publishers’ Corner. This is also where we like to try new things and introduce new features.

Who’s Paying For This?

Our editor, Aiden Hunt, pays for the site hosting and created the site from scratch. He’s been creating websites since the days when you had to write it all out in HTML code in a text file and hope that it looked right. WordPress is much easier.

Our entire small budget comes from our editor at this time. All content is free to all and accessible from anywhere in the world. At this time, we’re not accepting donations. We encourage potential sponsors to reach out, since we do expect to accept sponsorship and other donations in the future.

We think funding information should open to all, so we intend to make available information on any financial contributors.

All rights to non-contributed material created for PCR are held by P. Aiden Hunt, Publisher.

Proud Member: Community of Literary Magazines & Presses (www.clmp.org)