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  • Meet Our Contributor: Francesca Leader
    Meet our contributor, Francesca Leader, a Montanan living elsewhere who writes poetry, fiction and creative nonfiction. Read about her writing life in her Contributor Q&A.
  • Meet Our Contributor: Mike Bagwell
    Meet our contributor, Mike Bagwell, a writer, poet, and software engineer in Philly. He’s published two poetry chapbooks and has a full-length collection forthcoming in 2024.
  • Meet Our Contributor: C.M. Crockford
    Meet our contributor, C.M. Crockford, a writer and editor originally from New Hampshire, now living in Philadelphia with his cat, Wally.
  • A Statement and a Poem Expressing My Feelings on Gaza
    I unequivocally condemn Hamas and all of their violent actions. However, I don’t see any reason that one of the world’s most sophisticated militaries shouldn’t be subject to the same, if not much higher, standards for condemnation.